ITALY – Late 17th century

Please use good quality earphones/laptop or, better still, a stereo system in order to hear the full range of sounds. It is a good idea to archive BEEP for future reference.

Giovanni Legrenzi (1626-1690), Bergamo, & Venice. Composer of opera, vocal, and instrumental music.

Domenico Gabrielli (1651-1690), Bologna, & Modena. Cellist, & composer of instrumental music.

Arcangelo Corelli (1653-1713), Ferrara, Bologna, & Rome. Violinist & composer.

MOVIES – depicting life/music in 17th century Europe. 

They may not all be easy to find on the internet. Try Netflix/Amazon discs or streaming etc., DVD loan/purchase, or library loan request – worth the effort.

To Kill a King – Charles I (England)
England my England (Purcell) extract

Stage Beauty – Restoration Charles II (England)

Restoration – King Charles II (England)

Admiral de Ruyter (Holland)

Girl with the Pearl Earing – Vermeer (Holland)

Tulip Fever (Holland)

The Miniaturist (Holland)

Artemisia Gentileschi  (Italian)

Tous Les Matins Du Monde – Saint Colombe & Marin Marias (France)

A Little Chaos – Versailles (France)

Vatel – Versailles


–Richard Webb