• Holmes Advanced OrchestraGrades: 8th and 9th
  • Prerequisites: 7th grade String Orchestra or equivalent experience with instrument
  • Fulfills the high school graduation requirement in the fine arts-10 credits (9th grade only)
  • On UC/CSU approved course list: f (9th grade only)

The Advanced Orchestra is open to 8th and 9th grade players of orchestral string instruments (violin, viola, cello, and bass) who have participated in the Intermediate Orchestra for one year or have equivalent experience in their instrument. Advanced development of technical instrumental skills, including note reading, bowing and fingering skills, intonation, ensemble playing, and general musicianship, are addressed through the use of a wide variety of programmed music selections and practical music theory. Students are required to practice outside of class as homework for 80 minutes every week and expected to spend more time if needed to master the demands of their instrument, the repertoire, and the expectation of excellence the program represents; therefore access to an instrument for use at home is essential. School instruments are available for use at school and at home and will be assigned to all students who need to use one; information will be sent home to request the use of an instrument, and they will be assigned shortly after school begins. Donations to the DHS-Holmes Orchestra Boosters (Orchestra Boosters) for instrument maintenance, up-keep, and purchase, are greatly appreciated.

The Advanced Orchestra will participate in several concerts during the school year, during, and outside of class time. This may include rehearsals set outside of the school day. All outside of class concerts and concert-prep rehearsals are mandatory and will be a part of students’ grades. Each year, the Advanced Orchestra will participate in annual Winter and Spring Concerts, may perform at the Wennberg Music Festival, held at the Mondavi Center, and will travel to the elementary schools to perform for the elementary students. The Advanced Orchestra also involves a variety of fun team and musicianship building educational fieldtrips scheduled throughout the year. All rehearsal and performance dates are announced the first week of school via classroom handouts, websites, and email lists.