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CODA Online Registration

Starting in 2018, all CODA Honors String Orchestra or Symphony Orchestra audition submissions will take place online. All students are being asked to create a Coda Honors Orchestra Student Account to enable them to upload your audio files and pay the $30.000 student audition fee. The deadline for the February 2020 performance is Monday, September 30th. By then, you will need to:

  • Complete all audition audio uploads online
  • Email Mr. Moreno your completed “Student Signature Form,” and
  • Pay your $30.00 student fee online

Student Account Set Up, Audio Files Upload, Student Signature Form, and Student Payment Steps:

  • To begin the CODA Honors Orchestras student audition submission process, you will need to email Mr. Moreno your personal information ASAP at :
    • Student First and Last Name
    • Student email address
    • Grade level
    • Instrument (separate auditions must be set up if the student is auditioning on more than one instrument)
    • Ensemble for which you are submitting an audition (Symphony or String Orchestra)
    • For CODA Honor Orchestras only, you will also need to indicate if you are auditioning for both the Symphony and String Orchestras.
  • Once Mr. Moreno has entered your “Personal Information” to the CODA web site, the system will create your personal “ Student Audition Account.” When the system creates your new student account, you will receive an email confirmation with a link. This link directs you to the Coda Student Profile Page, where you will locate your new student account and fill out additional information.
  • The website will redirect you to the main page and you can begin uploading your audition files.
    • Your “Scale” file must be uploaded as a separate file, and your “Music Excerpts” file must be uploaded as a single file.
    • Use to merge your Music Excerpt files together.
    • Note: Only MP3 and M4A files can be uploaded.
  • Once you have upload both your audio files to your account, Mr. Moreno will receive an email notice asking him to review them before they are officially submitted.
  • Download the “Student Signature Form” from your personal account. You must get all the required signatures and then scan and email to Mr. Moreno at who will then submit it directly to CODA.
  • Click on “Student Payment” and pay your $30.00 student fee using PayPal or a credit card.
  • As soon as all state auditions have been reviewed students will be notified via email about your acceptance in October by CODA.
  • All of this must be done prior to Monday, September 30th.

If you have any questions, email Mr. Moreno at