The mission of the student-led DHS Strings Tutoring Program, sponsored by the DHS-Holmes Orchestra Boosters, is to motivate incoming elementary and Junior High School students to enjoy playing and practicing their instrument. Younger students will have a great time working with high school musicians, gaining inspiration and a glimpse into the next level of their musical journey.

Lessons are open to all DJUSD Elementary Strings and Junior High Orchestra Students, grades 4-8. The DHS-Holmes Orchestra Boosters encourages interested parents and students to apply.

Tutors are high school musicians playing in the DHS Orchestral Program; the DHS Orchestra Program Music Director approves all tutors. The DHS Strings Tutoring Program Coordinator will use the information provided by you to match the student with one of the approved tutors.

The DHS Strings Tutoring Program has suspended all physical (in person) lessons until hybrid or in person instruction resumes at Davis Senior High School. Students will work with tutors via the video conferencing platform “Zoom”. Tutors and students will work together virtually, allowing students to continue improving their skills even with the absence of physical in person lessons. With the closure of the schools, lessons could be scheduled during different times of day given the added flexibility. This also means lessons could be held more frequently than usual.

Lessons are 60 minutes long, and only shorter if requested to the Program Coordinators and Director. The lesson fee is $15 per lesson, however scholarships are available upon request to lower or waive this fee. All contributions made by active participants and donors to the tutoring program will be used to pay the high school tutors for their service. Donations can be made online at the DHS-Holmes Orchestra Boosters website:

DHS Tutors will directly contact their students regarding lesson scheduling and all other information. DHS Tutors will keep a weekly log recording each lesson. DHS Tutors will assess the student’s ability within the trial lesson, and plan for the following months of lessons accordingly.

To ensure your satisfaction we will perform a survey sent every few months, via email in a Google Forums format, for your feedback and ratings.

Applicants must email the DHS Strings Tutoring Program Parent and Student Coordinators at to obtain and complete the following forms:

  1. DHS Strings Tutoring Program Application
  2. DHS-Holmes Orchestra Boosters Waiver of Liability & Indemnification Agreement

A team of friendly, motivated and inspiring DHS Strings Tutors are excited to welcome students of all abilities and goals to join our DHS Strings Tutoring Program.

If you have any questions or concerns throughout the tutoring process please contact the DHS Strings Tutoring Program Coordinators at