QUIZ 3 DUE in class by Thursday 1/31

  1. The lutenist John Dowland is best known for his melancholic songs named:___________________.  ‘Flow My Tears’ is a good example.
  2. What was: ‘A Counterblaste to Tobacco’? and who, a year later, wrote a song extolling the virtues of tobacco? Where did the tobacco come from?
  3. Who composed the music for Purcell’s funeral in 1695, and under what circumstances?
  4. Write a brief synopsis of Purcell’s 1689 opera ‘Dido & Aeneas’. What connection does the opera have to present-day Tunisia?
  5. What did the Dutch scientist Antoine van Leeuwenhoek invent c.1670? What was he the first person to see and describe?
  6. When, and for what occasion, did Handel compose the Water Music, and where did the first performance take place?
  7. Who disdainfully referred to Handel as: “…a “tub of pork & beer”?
  8. In late 1960’s, who lived in an apartment on the top floor of Handel’s house in London? What instrument did this tenant play?
  9. What caught fire in a large park in London on the evening of April 27th,1749? What was the event, and             what music was played on that occasion? Name other world events that took place in that year.
  10. Which English composer based a set of 12 Concerti Grossi on keyboard works of Scarlatti? In ‘An  Essay on Musical Expression’, 1752, the composer expressed some disdain for Handel’s music (while acknowledging the composer’s genius), and expressed a strong preference for the work of his former  teacher ________________________________.

-Richard Webb