The 2019-20 DHS Baroque Ensemble will be touring to England and France in June 2020. Our 10 nights/12 day tour will begin in London, England and end in Paris, France. Tour participants will enjoy a unique educational experience learning about European culture and history by visiting amazing historic sites, historical museums, art museums, attending professional performances, attending master-class workshops by leading Baroque music experts, and present public performances in historic world-class venues in cities relevant to the Baroque period.

For us to move forward with the planning of this amazing trip, we need to be confident that we can fundraise enough to cover our expenses.

All donations to DHS-Holmes Orchestra Boosters are tax deductible and the ability to contribute to the tour does not affect a student’s ability to attend. Please complete this Commitment Form no later than Monday, May 20, 2019. We need a form returned from every student, even if you are not planning to participate on the trip.


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Student Commitment


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Fundraising Volunteers

  • The estimated cost of this trip is $6,000 per student. We strongly encourage parents and students to volunteer to help with fundraising to support our financial trip goals. Fundraising actives will be announced throughout the year.

Student Financial Contribution

  • For trip budget planning purposes, it is essential to be able to anticipate the total contributions we expect to receive. Your contributions will be split into installments over the next twelve months. You may contribute in full at any time.
  • The estimated cost of this trip is $6,000 per student. Please fill in the applicable amounts. All tour participant contributions are considered donations to the DHS-Holmes Orchestra Boosters and are tax deductible. The ability to contribute does not affect a student’s ability to attend. DHS-Holmes Orchestra Boosters Tax/ Employer Identification Number: 82-5177533
  • After you complete this form, please go to the DHS-Holmes Orchestra Boosters Web Store and click on the 2020 DHS Baroque Ensemble England and France Tour Icon. The Commitment Contribution is due by May 31, 2019. No cash or checks will be processed through the classroom or through the mail for this tour.