This year’s spring trip will be to Disneyland in Anaheim, CA! It will take place from Thursday-Sunday March 17-20th, 2022. Travel to Disneyland will be by commercial bus. The trip will include a tour of a university and mini festival with faculty, soundtrack studio recording session in the Disneyland educational recording studios, attend a performance at Walt Disney Concert Hall, and free time at the Disneyland and California Adventure Theme Parks. Accommodation will be at the Embassy Suites Hotel South in Anaheim. Transportation, meals, hotel, and all activities are included in the estimated cost per traveler. Please review the itinerary for more details.

In order to move forward planning this trip, we need to be confident that we can raise enough money to cover the expenses. We estimate the total trip cost to be around $118,000 (estimate is $1,310 per student x 90 students). While the DHS-Holmes Orchestra Boosters is committed to working hard to accommodate every student who commits to attend the orchestra trip, if we are unable to raise sufficient funds to pay for the trip, we will be forced to cancel. We greatly appreciate each and every family’s contribution of any amount, including additional contributions to support students with genuine financial needs.

We will also need BOTH male and female chaperones, in the ratio of 1 adult for every 10 students. Parent Chaperones will need to pay their own way for this trip. Estimated cost per chaperone is $1,310.

Please complete this Commitment Form no later than Friday, September 24, 2021. We need a form returned from every student, even if you are not planning to participate on the trip. Please also use this form to (1) indicate the total amount you will be able to commit, and (2) let us know if you want to chaperone the trip (Parent chaperones will need to pay their own way for this trip. Estimated cost per chaperone is $1,250).

If your student plans to join the tour, we are asking for your commitment to the trip with an initial non-refundable contribution of $250. Once you complete the online commitment form, you will receive a confirmation page; follow the link from the confirmation page to the DHS-Holmes Orchestras Store where you can pay for all tour contributions including the initial non-refundable contribution of $250. All Tour contributions made online will have an added 4% service charge. You may also pay by check, payable to DHS-Holmes Orchestra Boosters, and mail it to DHS-Holmes Orchestra Boosters, PO Box 1802, Davis, CA 95617.

NOTE: All trip contributions to the DHS-Holmes Orchestra Boosters are tax deductible and the ability to contribute does not affect a student’s ability to attend.

Each tour participant will receive an email reminder one week prior to each of the four financial contribution deadlines scheduled for: Oct 1, Nov 1, Dec 1, and Jan 1. The email will include your initial contribution commitment total, the total received to date, your remaining total, a reminder of the deadline to make your payment, as well as a link to the online web store where trip contributions are being received.

Questions about the trip, please contact Mr. Moreno at