Spontaneous synchronization

64 metronomes are started at different times, but all of them amazingly synchronise themselves together. How can this be possible? The phenomenon was first observed by Christian Huygens,  17thc. Dutch scientist & horologist.

Virtual History of Château de Versailles 1634 – 1774

Virtual Baroque Dance:

Virtual Baroque Organ:

Virtual Dutch Baroque Architecture:

Examples of Non-European Bowed String Instruments






Central Asia








North Africa


West Africa




Persia – Iran



History of the mechanical Metronome:

Richard Webb


The Spirit of Baroque Dance


Masquerade Ball scene from Sofia Coppola’s 2006 movie – Marie Antoinette:


Examples of Traditional European Folk String Instruments:




Hardanger Fiddle:





Estonia – Sweden
















Celtic Harp:










Richard Webb

Congratulations Disneyland Tour Success!

I would like to congratulate everyone on an incredibly successful tour together to Disneyland. It was great to be a part of such a positive group and so fulfilling to see everyone having such a great a time together. I appreciate all the students following instruction so well and doing your best to represent your school in a positive way the entire trip. I am blessed to have so many dedicated and committed students in the DHS Orchestra Program.  

Musically you should all be very proud of yourselves. You all did a wonderful job in your festival performances and recording sessions. Festival results are below and I will share your recording studio videos with you when we return to school as well as the festival judges recorded audio comments. 

Symphony Orchestra- Won “Best Overall Orchestra” with a rating of Superior and a perfect score from both judges (which I have never seen happen at a festival). One of the judges said it was the best high school performance he has ever witnessed in his 20 years of doing festival adjudications!

Baroque Ensemble- Won “1st Place” with a rating of Superior. The entire festival staff said they stopped to listen to this group and the judges were so impressed that we have such a unique group in our program. 

Chamber Orchestra- Won “5th place” with a rating of Superior. I am very proud of you all! Bravo!

The judges said it is very unusual for them have so many orchestras participating in one festival from multiple schools and for all of them to be rated Superior. 

Huge thanks to our Trip Coordinator, Jill Bonner: Jill, you did such an expert job organize the logistics so our tour ran smoothly from beginning to end. The entire program thanks you for for dedication and commitment to helping to make the trip a memorable experience for all! 

Thank you as well to all of our fearless chaperones who gave of their time and resource to share this experience with the program and help us all stay happy, healthy, and organized the entire tour. We appreciate all of you very much!


  • Catherine Allday- Davis (Trip Doctor) 
  • Judy Catambay- Snack Coordinator
  • Andy Fell -Bus B Lead Chaperone
  • Hiram Jackson- Director’s Assistant
  • Stephanie Manansala- Snack Coordinator
  • Danny Maurantonio- Bus A Lead Chaperone
  • John Tyner – Super Dad of the Year
  • Stasia Tikkanen- Trip Photographer
  • Ethan Walsh- Super Dad of the Year

We also thank our Principal Tom McHale for agreeing to travel with us and the Band Program. He told me at 3:30 am when I dropped him off at his home, to tell you all he had an excellent time and was so proud and excited to share in the Orchestra Program’s success musically and organizationally. 

Lastly, I’d like to thank all the students and parents on Bus A for your patience last night. We had one of our bus drivers complain of feeling ill and was forced to pull over on the side of the road because he was nauseous so we made the decision to call for a replacement driver for him so that students were not at risk. Thank you to all the Bus B students who came to pick up their luggage this morning due to the delayed bus arrival. Everyone handled this unforeseeable issue very well and we all appreciate that everyone got home safe. 

Easter See’s Candy Fundraiser

Please support the Davis High and Holmes Junior High School Orchestra Programs by helping to promote our Easter See’s Candies Fundraiser. You can help us reach our fundraising goal by taking orders from friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers, or order some sweets for yourself to celebrate springs. 

Order online at  (credit card only), or complete the order form attached and return it with your payment to a DHS or Holmes Orchestra student (checks payable to “DHS-Holmes Orchestra Boosters”).   Final day to order is Tuesday, April 2nd.
Candies will be available for PICK UP in front of DHS Richard Brunelle Performance Hall on Thursday April 18 from 6:30 -7:30 pm.
If you have any questions, please contact Delinda Nicolet

Valentines Day Sees Candy Fundraiser

Please support the Davis High and Holmes Junior High School Orchestra Programs See’s Candies Fundraiser. Order See’s Candies for those you love: your family, friends, colleagues, neighbors and don’t forget yourself. It makes the perfect Valentines Day gift.  Please see attached flyer and send around to everyone you know!


Order online at (credit card only). 

Final day to order is Wednesday, February 6, 2019. Candies will be available for pick up at the DHS Richard Brunelle during DHS Symphony Orchestra Rehearsal on Wednesday February 13 between 6:45 to 7:45 pm. 

If you have any questions, please contact Delinda Nicolet

Thank you for your support!