Tour Participant Monthly Contribution Installment


2020 DHS Baroque Ensemble England-France Tour monthly contribution. Please note the month the payment is for in the “Additional Comments” box when you check out.

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The 2019-20 DHS Baroque Ensemble will be touring Europe with stops in England, Belgium, and France in June 2020. Our 10 night/12 day tour will begin in London, England and end in Paris, France. Tour participants will enjoy a unique educational experience, learning about European culture and history by visiting historic sites, touring amazing museums, and attending professional performances. They will participate in master-class workshops by leading Baroque music experts, and will perform in historic world-class venues in cities relevant to the Baroque period.

Please Note: There are two ways to submit your contributions monthly:

    1. Please write the check to DHS-Holmes Orchestra Boosters”and mail your payment to:
      Baroque Ensemble Tour c/o Young/Page Family
      883 Linden Ln
      Davis, CA. 9561When you send your check in the mail, you will also need to go to the onlineWeb Store and go through the payment process there and click “payment by check.” This will give you a receipt and help us match up the checks we receive in the mail with your receipt of payment. Please do not forget to do this important online step.
    1. You may also make your contributions at our secure online store using a credit card. A 3.5% service charge will apply for all online credit card payments (this is slightly less than our cost for credit card processing).

No cash or checks will be processed through the classroom for this tour.

Tour questions may be directed to Mr. Moreno at or 530.400.7614.