Tuxedo Recycling Program Donations

If you have picked up a tuxedo clothing piece from the tuxedo recycle inventory and would like to make a donation for it, donate below.

Questions? Or do you have a tuxedo to donate? Contact Jill Bonner at bonnerjill@gmail.com or 530.330.4315

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While orchestra students look super spiffy in tuxedos during performances, that look comes at a cost of about $250 per student. Since students are still growing, this can be a tough investment to make considering they might not even fit the tuxedo for the entire year!

In an effort to help reduce this cost, we began an Orchestra Tuxedo Recycle Program by collecting gently used orchestra tuxedo clothing (pants, jackets, vests, shirts, bow ties and dress shoes).  The donated clothing is available throughout the school year.

Click here to see current inventory. If you find something you are interested in, send an email to Jill Bonner to make arrangements to try it on. All pieces are gently used but look new and have been approved by Mr. Moreno. Although tuxedo parts are available for free to anyone in the DHS Orchestra Program, donations to DHS-Holmes Orchestra Booster Program are encouraged and are tax deductible!